whatnots + girl stamps with Danielle Donaldson

September 16 — September 17


If you LOVE to draw or want to learn and you think watercolors are the dreamiest thing ever, I hope you’ll come to my newest workshop, Whatnots (Illustrated)

During our time together, we’ll work through a beautifully detailed step-by-step watercolor illustration of a glass bowl filled with watercolor brushes, blossoms and leaves. We’ll begin the day with some exercises to help you learn how to mix and add color and depth by layering washes of stunning, yet subtle colors. Next, I will hold your creative hand while you learn how to draw the different bits and pieces using perspective drawing.  The remainder of the day will be spent creating your very own version of my illustration (because you learn by copying, right?!)

On our second day together, we will play with my new collection of stamps and learn how to watercolor them! So much fun!

$150.00 / month for 3 months